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The Champions of Anna's Mill


Strangers...We meet them every day. They're in the checkout line at your local grocery. You can find them scanning the best-seller aisle at your favorite bookstore. You might even have strangers living right next door. They come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, they can touch your life in unexpected ways. When three strangers drive their old pickup truck into the small rural town of Anna’s Mill, Georgia, no one could have predicted the incredible impact of their short visit. Most strangers would have skipped town once Anna’s Mill tragic secret was revealed. Instead, the three strangers chose to stay and risk everything, including their lives.

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In “The Champion’s of Anna’s Mill”, Douglas Toal paints a picture of tragedy and betrayal between loved ones that’s so deep and hurtful it leaves an entire town divided. When you can’t trust your closest friend, who can you trust? When unforgiveness and resentment runs so deep that life long friends become enemies and families are destroyed, whose left to pick up the pieces? But when all seems lost and reconciliation seems impossible, there’s always hope. And hope, for the people of Anna’s Mill, arrives in the form of three strange drifters who, when finding themselves amid an emotional tempest, choose to care, to love and to fight.

Sometimes, it’s the strangers in our life that make the most difference. Afterall, we’re all strangers to someone in need and “The Champion’s of Anna’s Mill” tells the story of what can happen when we care enough to risk it all.

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