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Douglas Toal, Ph.D., is a clinical scientist with over 25 year of experience in tranlsational research, clinical laboratory operations and diagnostic assay development. He has worked alongside other scientists to pioneer the clinical application of metabolomics for the screening of inborn errors of metabolism and undiagnosed disease. Additionally, his teams have developed and validated novel small molecule assays for conditions like prediabetes and chronic kidney disease. Dr. Toal completed postdoctoral-fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Selected scientific publications highlighting is work are displayed here.
Douglas Toal lives in North Carolina with his wife, June. Together, they raised four children. He enjoys writing fiction and healthy living blogs. Douglas was raised in a large family with seven siblings and two loving parents. "The Champions of Anna's Mill" is his first novel and was written 20 years ago after a Memorial Day weekend camping trip with his three brothers to the Charlotte Motor Speedway to watch the annual running of the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR event. The sights and sounds of that weekend left an impression and when one of his brothers suggested they write a fictional story about one of the unique infield personalities that they'd encountered, Douglas became inspired. "The Champions of Anna's Mill" tells the story of that stranger and the sacrifice he and his friends make to lend a helping hand to a town in need. Recently his children and wife dusted off a copy of the novel and submitted it for publication. The novel turned out to be quite long and so sequel called "The Villains of Frog Level" is in the works.